Hello! My name is Ackella Mattis and a student at Cardinal Spellman High School. I must say it feels rather odd writing this blog entry. I’ve never taken part in any social media throughout my entire life. I have never used Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr, etc. you get the point. I’m not a very social person either so this feels really weird.

Although there is something that doesn’t feel weird to me and that’s drawing.



Here’s some summer beach art for you guys who are stuck in the winter cold. Personally I don’t mind the cold but I’ve seen some people go crazy hating winter.


To make this whole blog project feel more natural for me (and a little less painful for the readers), I’ll try to incorporate my art and my ideas into this.

Hopefully I can turn this project into a worthwhile experience.

But that’s enough rambling about my art (for now), it’s time to ramble more about myself. I guess besides the non-talkative part of me I’d say I’m a hard-working student, I make sure I always keep my grades straight A’s. I hope I don’t sound like I’m bragging..

                                         Hey look, It’s me!

Jeez.. this entry is a bit of a mess isn’t it? Hopefully the next one isn’t so abstract and all over the place. So uh.. here’s a self-portrait that I drew a while ago, a picture tells a thousand words right? I’m just going to slink back into the shadows.. Until next time guys, Good bye!


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