Alright, everyone knows that television is literally trash these days. Most shows are lazy reality shows or constant copies of things that were done often in the past. And it doesn’t help that my tastes aren’t really commonly broadcasted or even considered. (But I guess my opinion doesn’t really matter when I watch t.v. like 4 hours per month.)

When it comes to the shows I enjoy I have very specific standards. First off I’m a child at heart so the shows that I would prefer to watch would be animated. It doesn’t have to be cartoony or anime, just anything that’s art and it is animated. It must have a continuous plot or at least tell a decent story per episode, some kind of continuity. And the characters must be likable. I cannot watch a show with terrible, boring or annoying characters. The only show I’ve seen do all these is:

   Steven Universe

la-et-st-steven-universe-20131104-001Steven Universe is a cartoon show that airs on Cartoon Network which was created by Rebecca Sugar and I have to say, it’s pretty amazing. The characters are great and very three-dimensional, especially for a cartoon. The setting that Rebecca Sugar was able to create is very believable and interesting. Everything and everyone has a complex backstory that’s gradually explored throughout the series. I recommend this show to anyone who watches cartoons and is interested in a great story-line.


There have been too many times I have seen crappy and unoriginal shows that run regularly almost every day. Nickelodeon runs practically Spongebob and only Spongebob all day. Cartoon Network has probably only three good animated shows left on it. And I don’t even want to venture into teen sitcom hell which is Disney Channel. (Although I appreciate Gravity Falls and Star vs. The Forces of Evil that still runs on Disney Channel.) Okay.. I believe I’m done ranting about children shows for now.


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