An event at my school recently passed where all the seniors would go to school at night, around 6, and would eat food to celebrate something. To be honest I don’t know the reason, nor do I care to find out. I’m guessing its the seniors celebrating 100 days of school passing or 100 days until graduation, who knows?

100 Nights All I know is that I didn’t go and the reason is that I simply did not want to. It seems a little pointless to have a mid-year celebration, but that’s just my opinion. I’d rather spend my afternoon not dressed up, just relaxing in my ‘jammies’ playing videos games. (Although that’s how I spend most of my afternoons.)

      Also this school has a terrible habit of having days where you have to buy a new dress or outfit and then you end up only wearing it for one day, and then you never wear it again. That’s probably my fault though because I don’t go out a lot, let alone go out somewhere dressy.

      I also didn’t go due to money reasons. It’s hard enough paying tuition, then I would have to pay for a dress and the entry fee to get into the event (which I truly believe we should not have to pay for, but who cares at this point.) And I personally don’t find it worth it to dress up, eat mediocre food and then go home. Plus none of my friends were going so due to my non-social ways I would’ve just been sitting in a corner eating bacon or something by myself. I’d rather be anti-social in the comfort of my own home.



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