Anyone who is a fan of the Cartoon Network animated show Steven Universe knows that it is currently stuck at a standstill. This show constantly goes on hiatus which usually lasts for several months at a time. I’ve never watched a show that goes on hiatus every 10 episodes or so. It doesn’t matter where the story currently is, even at the height of its conflict, it will go on hiatus. Thus making us wait months for the solution.


Don’t get me wrong, I love this show to death. I personally believe its the best animated show currently on television, but the airing format really kills it for me at times. It really breaks the immersion.

It’s probably obvious that it’s not Rebecca Sugar’s (the creator) fault but the network itself. Many people have noticed that Cartoon Network is pushing this new agenda of having a show air new episodes everyday for a week. Steven Universe goes through it often but after those daily episodes (known as Steven Bombs) the show often goes on hiatus after it. Personally I’d prefer the consistency of weekly episodes than a “burst to break to burst” episode format.

There’s also people who believe that the animated show Teen Titans Go is to blame. Cartoon Network loves to push this show before all else. All though I personally do not like this show, I shouldn’t complain. If the kids like it I shouldn’t rag on it when Cartoon Network’s primary focus is to entertain children.



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