In media class on Tuesday, April 12th we were discussing the blog assignments, which you’re reading right now. Initially it was a free-form one where everyone is allowed to write about anything they please but to be honest that’s more difficult than a given assignment. You have to think and that’s already too much work for most people, including me.

Back on topic with what assignment that was given to us, my teacher mentioned our lessons. We are currently learning about media and technology of different decades, all the way back to the 16th century, maybe even further. He asked us “if we had the chance or choice, which decade would you venture to?” My answer to that question is simple…

None of them.                                                   apple                I greatly enjoy the technology we have today. Someone must be crazy or really old-fashioned to want to downgrade and revert back to older forms of technology. The technology we have today makes life so much easier I cannot imagine reverting back.

Going back I also won’t be able to do what I love, which is digital art. Without the computers and tablets we have today, I would not be able to draw or hopefully pursue my dream job which is to be a digital animator.

The other decades seem so limited and dull that I would hate to go back to the old ways of no television, listening only to radios, lack of access to information and so on. We have a great thing going on for us right now, of course there’s room for improvement and I would like to not lose it.



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