My school made all the seniors go to St. Patrick’s Cathedral on Wednesday. Personally I wasn’t too interested and was bored about the idea of going. I guess how I feel about it can’t change now since I was too sick to go. I had a really bad stomachache and I didn’t want to have to sit on a train for two hours by myself at 6 a.m. to go for only an hour long mass.

Like, I have nothing against the idea of the trip, but the execution seems very one-sided on us. It’s difficult enough to wake up in the morning for school but now I would of had to have woken up so much earlier. That wasn’t going to happen when I could barely stand up.

Also another reason I’m not upset about not going is because I do not like the city at all. It’s crowded and dirty and loud. I’ve never liked the city so going there for a trip that I have to pay for out of my own pocket is not going to happen.

I’m pretty sure many students enjoyed the trip and had a wonderful time, but I wasn’t one

I cannot deny that the place looks absolutely gorgeous.

of those people. Although I could not go, I’m fairly certain I would’ve been bored and out of place being in a church of a different religion, in a city I don’t like being in for the whole day. I believe I’m done whining for now.


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